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6 Insightful Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Benefits of Virtual Desktop

The economy of today is brutal. A slight delay or negligence can lead to many undesirable losses. For any industry or business, the execution of tasks should be efficient and done in the shortest time possible for more growth and recognition. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) makes this possible.

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According to Techopedia, VDI simply refers to the hosting of virtual machines on a central server. It uses virtual machines to provide and manage virtual desktops. You can access these virtual desktops from any device or location. All processing is on the host server.


VDI comes with many benefits such as:

1. Simplifies IT Management

With VDI, everything is managed in one central location. When new versions of applications come out, they can be installed on one desktop instead of hundreds of other desktops. They can even be maintained and trouble-shooted on this one desktop.

Your employees' work is also less likely to be disturbed. This is because end users do not have to give up their devices when operating systems are updated or applications installed.


2. Enhances Flexibility

VDI makes businesses more flexible. When using cloud-based VDI, you can add or remove instances immediately. It allows the technology to flow smoothly with the changing needs of the business.

VDI also gives employees more flexibility in working. Employees can use their device of preference to access information as long as there is internet access. With 67% of employees using personal devices at home, it would be advantageous to incorporate VDI in your company for easier access to information. 

Whether your employees use smartphones, laptops, tablets, or thin client devices, the user experience will always be the same with VDI.


3. Cost Saving

Your highest IT expenditure is most likely purchasing and maintaining hardware ranks. VDI can reduce this cost considerably.

 VDI takes advantage of data center computing power and storage capabilities. Therefore, the individual machines in your network require less RAM, storage space, and overall computing power to function effectively for each user. This will subsequently allow you to invest in less expensive machines across your team without losing performance. 


4. Enhances Productivity

VDI enables employees to work from remote areas. There has been an 81% increase of remote area workers this year due to covid-19 pandemic. This totals to 48.1% of employees working in remote areas

Employees do not have to waste too much time traveling or in traffic to get the job done. They can simply log in to their computers or even phones and start working. 

Consequently, they get a considerable portion of their work done before they arrive at their office premises or even at home. This greatly improves the productivity of both the employees and the company at large.


5. Reduces Complexity

VDI enables all updates to be done automatically on a virtual server. You can also add new users to a single device. Other tasks can be managed by the IT staff handling cloud-based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. 

It will allow your department more on other critical parts of the business, allowing your business to grow faster. 


6. Eases Storage

Traditional forms of storage involved employees storing their data on a hard drive, locally on the same machine, and possibly on a server located on the Local Area Network(LAN). It often left the data exposed to potential loss should they be misplaced, stolen, or experience hard drive failure. 

VDI eases storage by eliminating independence on one machine for storage and power. It enables you to store files, applications, and other core software on more servers instead of an individual hard drive.

It makes storage easier and eliminates the chances of data loss due to machine failure.

Manual and old-fashioned ways of running a business can be really costly and time consuming. At Network Connections, we understand that time is money, and we can help you solve this problem as soon as possible. For more information, contact us today or visit our website and we will be more than willing to assist.

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