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Do you ever wonder how much damage a hacker can do to your business? Many business owners don’t worry much about it because they think anti-virus software solves the hacker problem. By itself, it does not. Here are reasons to upgrade your cyber security on Long Island by working with an experienced IT team.

Why Cyber-criminals Steal Data

The best reason to strengthen your cyber security is to reduce the odds of a breach. No system is bulletproof as cyber-criminals constantly learn new ways to infiltrate old computer systems. The older the computer network equipment, the more vulnerable it is to hackers who want to steal your valuable data.

Hackers particularly target businesses of any kind to get confidential information, such as credit card numbers. Some hackers steal data so they can impersonate people online they’ve never even met. They may use the information as part of an identity theft scam. The most devious cyber-criminals steal data and sell it to other cyber-criminals on the dark web. This shady activity has harmed many individuals without their knowledge.

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Hacker Strategies that Penetrate Business Networks

Some hackers just want to create havoc, while others are looking for a monetary payoff. Their strategies often involve impersonation. They might create a fake website that imitates a popular brand but the URL is one character off or contains a dash. Known as a phishing scheme, this strategy allows the hackers to gain trust with the victim, who may be fooled into typing in their confidential username and password on a fake web page.

Employees going through email can fall for clicking links to these nefarious sites. The links might unleash malware and freeze up the victim’s computer until they pay a high ransom amount in cryptocurrency.

Steps to Protect Your Digital Assets

There is no absolute hacker-proof cyber security system, but you can reduce the chances of a cyber security breach by building multiple layers of security. Two-factor authentication is an effective way to make life difficult for hackers. While passwords can be cracked with hacking software, a secondary factor for gaining access is often too much of a challenge for hackers.

Other cyber security layers include turning on firewalls within routers and servers. Encryption software is another solution that’s hard for hackers to decode. More advanced ways to protect your digital assets include automated 24/7 network monitoring and software that integrates with networks run by cyber security experts.

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Protecting your digital assets should be a top business priority. Contact us at Network Connections for more information about improving your business’s Cybersecurity. We are here to help make your business experience safer and more productive.


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