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Online Backups & Archiving: Why is it Important

Online Backups

As businesses continue to embrace cloud computing, so is the need to secure a backup solution for cloud storage. 

This is because cloud computing firms don't always have your back if the data gets unintentionally or malicious deleted, infected by a virus, or locked by a ransomware package.

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For instance, Microsoft is clear that its job is to avail Office 365 seamlessly and not how you store/manipulate your data. Thus, leaving you entirely in control of what happens to it. Those who think it safe because it is on the "cloud" can now see how wrong you've been.


Backup vs. Archiving

First, let us understand the difference between these two terms. A backup is a copy of the original file maintained in a separate storage area for easier restoration in case the original one goes missing or corrupted.

Note that the original doesn't get deleted after backing up. It means you have the current version on the primary storage and the most recent previous version of the same file on a different entity.

On the other hand, archiving refers to maintaining a copy of data for reference purposes while the original gets deleted after the archive is made.

The primary reasons for archiving are to free up space on the main storage and keep the files intact for easy retrieval in the future if need be. Other categories of businesses are also required by law to maintain any email/document sent or received; hence archiving comes in handy as files grow exponentially.


Features of Efficient Backup and Archiving Solution

  • Automated backups
  • Unlimited storage
  • High-level encryption
  • Granularity: the critical factor for advanced searching
  • Storage Optimization
  • Unlimited retention: you don't want a solution that has a limit on how much you can store data in there. E.g., the O365 30-day recycle bin is an ineffective and inefficient solution.
  • Compliance with all regulations and certifications


Network Connections has partnered with Dropsuite to ensure that all your O365 emails, attachments, tasks, contacts, calendars, and files in the cloud are securely backed up and archived.


What is the Importance of Backup and Archive?

1. Cost-Saving

Data loss can cost businesses thousands to millions of dollars. That is a substantial amount with high potential to significantly disrupt or entirely pull to the ground the operations of a typical SMB. The revenue lost when the functions are disrupted and through potential lawsuits can be saved easily through online backup and archiving.

You also stand to pay a high ransom in the event of a ransomware attack if you don't have a backup & restore solution in place. Laugh your way out when ransomware comes knocking with a flawlessly backup solution!

2. Unlimited & Secure Storage Capacity

Although cloud computing like O365 offers unlimited storage for some of their subscription levels, many are still using levels with limited space.

Even if you have the muscles for unlimited space levels, the storage isn't secure and free from cybersecurity threats. Either way, the military-grade data security and encryption methods of online backup solutions are unmatched.

3. Company Image

Data-breaches and cybersecurity attacks tarnish the company name and image. Customers are unlikely to trust a firm that is usually associated with breaches and malware attacks. Likewise, top talent employees don't want to put personal data at risk.

Therefore, outsourcing professional business IT support services will enhance customer and employee attraction & retention rate by making your brand stand out.

4. Automation and Easy Access

Automated backup and easy access to data from anywhere on the globe is crucial, especially as a natural disaster data prevention method. Other options like manually copying data to external disks are both inefficient and time-consuming, and in case the disk gets corrupted, you are in real trouble.

Online backup firms have several servers located in different locations — mirroring your data across many of them ensures that no one server failure can make your data inaccessible or irretrievable.

Network Connections has vast experience in the area of business IT support. Our managed IT services are an avenue for SMBs to thrive competitively through the world-class business-specific packages we provide at low monthly subscriptions. Talk to us today to know how you can start online backups & archives.

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