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Managed Services (MSP) Backup - Disaster Recovery

Significance of a Backup Protection: 4 Reasons Why You Should Have One

Backup Protection

Every business strives to make a profit and goes out of its way to prevent any losses. Once in a while, losses are bound to be incurred. While some are beyond the control of the stakeholders, others are a direct consequence of our ignorance.

Now, imagine losing projects that cost hard work and dedication simply due to the lack of a backup plan.


Backup Protection

In the technical world, Backup is duplicating copies of your data or files from the primary device or storage into an auxiliary device or a second medium as a caution against data loss. 

Data loss can be occasioned by varying reasons, including theft, network failures, disasters, system upgrades, to name a few.

Permanent data loss can plunge your business into huge losses and terribly cripple your operations. Therefore, having several copies of your data is a vital safeguard to your business. 


Safeguarding your Data

Backups simplify your data protection by copying and storing your data at another location apart from your primary storage. 


There is a number of different methods of backing up your data. Whichever method you prefer, it is critical to observe the following:

  • Take into account the course of action in the event you lost all your data. (For instance, theft of your IT equipment that carries all your data.)

  • When backing up data on an external device, make sure the external device is stored at a different place from the primary storage device. This ensures your backup data is not lost along with the primary data.

  • Password-protected backups offer extra security and privacy.


Backup Types

  1. Full Backups
  2. Incremental Backups
  3. Differential Backups 

Backup methods

  1. External Hard Drives
  2. Cloud Storage or File Sync and Share


Why You Should Consider a Backup Protection Plan?

1. Total Data Protection

Backup data protection as a Managed Service allows you the privilege to protect any virtual, physical or cloud infrastructure operating on Windows, Linux or Mac and recovers lost servers in a relatively short time without extra hustle.

You can back up automatically on schedule to a local device and copy multiple backups to a cloud using Backup as a service from Network Connections.

Recover even minute data faster from multiple points and resume business in a short while. Backup protection is the service for you to ensure business continuity even when the IT infrastructure is down.


2. Quick and Efficient Restore

You can lose your data or files by accidentally deleting them, overwriting, or a normal hardware failure. With a Backup from Network Connections, a few clicks will restore the precise data you are looking for right to the device you are using.

Booting images, guessing, and command lines are no longer necessary. Restoring data is quick and easy using Backup protection.


3. Cost-effective and Convenient

Breakdown of IT equipment is likely to bring down a business to a grinding. Although time is an essential element to any business, replacing the infrastructure takes time and money to procure and install. However, a good backup solution allows us to return to normal operations seamlessly.


4. Ransomware Protection and Recovery

Since your data is most valuable to you than to anyone, ransomware hackers take hold of your data and offer it back to you at a price. That way, your business is held at a ransom. 

 A click on an email attachment personalized for them and looks genuine is all it will take. That single click initiates a process of locking down files and spreads to other business IT infrastructures. If undetected and deterred, it can shut down your business in a matter of hours. 

Your valuable business data is encrypted and deleted if the ransom is not paid. Ransomware attacks are escalating on a worrying scale and have transitioned into a multi-billion-dollar crime.

 By 2021, the global Ransomware is expected to net well over $20 Billion making it necessary for each business to stay safe. Network Connections have a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution that safeguards you from a Ransomware attack.


Get in Touch with Us Now

At Network Connections, we are committed to protecting you from data loss and the resulting impact thereof. Our Backup services are top of the line and guarantee full-proof data security.  

Feel free to contact us today for an all-round Backup protection solution for small or medium businesses and we will be more than willing to assist.

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