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Managed Services (MSP)

What are the Types of Managed Services?

Types of Managed Services

With technological advancements such as cloud computing, managed services options have continued to expand.

After deciding it time to delegate some or all IT operations to a third-party specialist (Managed IT services), you would like to know the different types the MSP offers.

This blog will cover the different types of managed IT services you may expect most managed service providers to be offering.


24/7 Monitoring

As the name suggests, this option involves complete management of your IT department by the MSP throughout the time with very minimal breaks.

The provider is continuously monitoring systems and devices to implement patches, maintain backup systems, and pre-detected any unforeseen issues for ASAP diagnostic measures.

There is also a dedicated support desk for your team to contact the MSP to report undetected errors in the system or get help.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

The integrity and safety of the client info is a crucial role for MSP. Up-to-date backups and disaster recovery solutions can quickly mitigate disk-failures, natural disasters, and rare security breaches like ransomware.

This option ensures the MSP has ready data for you through scheduled automatic backups. There are also constant data audits to ensure the information is stored appropriately and in a correct format.


Managed Security

With more businesses preferring to store data both on-site and in the cloud, information security has never been this vital. As the attacks against corporate data are becoming more sophisticated, so should security measures be.

With this type of service, NCI will manage all your security needs by providing the latest antivirus programs to mask servers, desktops, and other devices from cybersecurity threats such as malware, ransomware, and computer virus infection.

Since this service is offered remotely, updates are done often while any risk gets dislodged swiftly with minimal disruption of your organization's operations.


Managed Network and Infrastructure

Continuous upgrades to operating systems and critical network and infrastructure applications are critical for any successful business.

Nowadays, this has extended to wireless network options, mobile devices, and cloud network infrastructure. With this type, the MSP can easily manage all these resources off-site seamlessly, thereby making you have cutting-edge competitiveness in the industry.


Communication and Support Services

Communication has revolutionized over the past years to include voice, video, and instant messaging. Some providers include help desk, remote/on-site support, and VoIP solutions in their managed services packages.

If looking to improve the existing communication system or acquire a new one, you may want to go for this managed service.



Managed SaaS

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is another fast-growing frontier for managed services. This service involves MSP providing up-to-date and state-of-the-art hosted software to the client.

Therefore, you don't have to worry about software updates or security since the provider has taken care of that.


Mobile Device Management

The growing number of use cases of mobile devices in organizations poses a bigger security problem to experts. Notwithstanding, cybercriminals now mostly target these devices as they can easily eavesdrop on the network channel, especially if they connect with a fraudulent network (e.g., unsecured Wi-Fi).

MSP can come in and ensure strict security protocols among these vulnerable devices and rapid hands-on strategies when any get compromised (e.g., quick lock-and-wipe).


Managed Analytics

Any business that is not using user data to chart their exponential growth path might be left off the boat sooner. User data analytics can help better understand customer requirements and trends, helping you make positive adjustments. Analytics and protection tools for this information can be offered as a managed IT service package.

After discussing with your provider, you'll get to know the different packages they provide and discuss various Service Level Agreements (SLA). Whatever the type you may want to acquire, choosing the right MSP is key. Go for an experienced provider with a clear SLA and reputation.

Two and half decades of experience and dealing with different client puts Network Connections among top players in the managed IT service industry. Let us professionally manage your IT environment while you focus on the core aspects of your business. Get in touch to learn what can best work for your business from our helpful IT experts team.

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