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What is a Hosted Virtual Desktop?

is a Hosted Virtual Desktop

As the business environment continues to change globally, so is the workspace. For instance, scores of businesses have switched to work from home (WFO) as a long-term solution, especially now that there are widespread cases of Covid-19 spread. 

Nonetheless, it no surprise you have heard about hosted virtual desktop (HVD) among the solutions businesses are using to revolutionize workspace. In this article, we're going to cover all you need to know about HVD and why your business might consider switching.

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Understanding HVD

A virtual desktop is a virtual machine (VM) that allows employees to remotely access work computers from any supported device like a PC or tablet. Instead of accessing the company network from the typical local machine, data and applications are stored on the cloud in a server. The server then simulates multiple client virtual desktops that can be accessed from anywhere using unique personal login credentials. The term virtual desktop comes from how the remotely accessed virtual computer usually works; you can store data, delete, archive, and do almost anything you could generally do with a local computer, such as restarting or shutting down.

The remote server that runs and controls the virtual desktop is installed with software called a hypervisor. The software then emulates the environment and capabilities such as the user's local desktop by replicating many instances of the same operating system. Unless the internet connection is poor, the server is able to serve images, icons and respond to user inputs like mouse clicks/keyboard inputs with the same speed & outcomes as in an in-house machine.

Another thing you'd want to note about the hosted virtual desktop is their difference from VDI. Although the technology used is the same as that of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), who hosts the servers is the dividing line. With VDI, you have full control, and you host the servers and all infrastructure needed to simulate a virtual desktop at your location or data center. Though this makes sense for large enterprises, it's expensive to set up and maintain for SMBs. And that is where the term 'hosted' comes in to solve this problem.

Essentially, a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provider does everything for you. They acquire the required infrastructure, setup, and host the virtual machine on their servers. Then, businesses are designated virtual desktops according to the number of staff to virtually access the work computer, with each getting personal login details. Therefore, all accompanying information, applications, settings, and employee work is stored and secured by the DaaS provider. Many managed service providers (MSP) include DaaS among the packages they offer.


Why You Should Consider Hosted Virtual Desktop

  1. Security 

    Hosted Virtual Desktop takes the responsibility of ensuring company data is secure from you to the provider. Being a specialist in business IT support, MSP has resources to implement military-grade security on the network. Also, HVD reduces the risk of a data breach when accessing the company system from the susceptible home or public WIFI. Besides, data is the cloud; any physical damage to local storage or computer won't cause data loss.
  2. Convenience and Pocket-friendly: 

    It would be expensive to buy exclusively work computers for every employee, especially now that many works from anywhere. HVD is cost-effective and convenient as the user can work comfortably from any supported device. Additionally, you don't have to be stressed about keeping the software up-to-date because that's already catered for.
  3. Increased Productivity: 

    Consider an employee after office hours who'd like to check some presentation to be done the following morning when he/she gets home. With local work desktops at the workplace, that might not be easy (unless they have a work laptop to carry home). Notwithstanding, hosted virtual desktops are flexible enough for staff to go that extra mile by just logging in to VD clients from the comfort of their home using PCs.


How we can Help

Network Connections is your trusted partner focused on making your business get fast, tested, and successful IT solutions to propel you to another level. We've been offering managed IT services for over 25 years now. Get in touch with our IT specialist to learn HVD solution that can uniquely work for your business needs.

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