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What is a Hosted VoIP Solution?

 Hosted VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the smart options of hosted services any small and medium business would like to tap into. 

Voice communication, collaboration, and customer service is an integral part of your business. Hosted VoIP makes it efficient, reliable, and economical by eliminating barriers, cutting costs, and increasing productivity.

Well, you may wonder what it's or maybe how it works. Luckily, we'll be disintegrating this whole thing to make you understand why switching to hosted VoIP is a wise choice.

VoIP is a way of transmitting phone calls through the internet using IP addresses instead of the traditional circuit-switched telephony. You can either choose to acquire equipment and have an on-site VoIP server or opt for a hosted VoIP.

Unlike the former, hosted VoIP is a cloud service by a trusted provider that remotely provides your premises with all the phone services. Therefore, you eliminate the need to build and maintain the servers yourself.

The provider takes care of the infrastructure and hardware, and you're now left to focus on other areas of growing your business.


How Does Hosted VoIP Work?

You have probably heard of the cloud-computing before. We all use it daily in social media, or at least in email. Instead of storing information on your machine locally, it hosted somewhere "on the cloud." A hosted telephony works the same way; voice signals are converted into digital packets and sent over the internet. These data packets are handled and securely accommodated by hosted VoIP provider on the internet.

The provider gives a phone number that can be accessed anywhere globally, provided there's an internet connection. VoIP proves effective in small businesses since they can outsource services from staff without the need for them to physically visit the office.

In addition to offering reliable, crystal clear, and secure voice traffic, today's cloud services are amazingly fast, redundant, and have cutting-edge encryption. If customers call, they don't even know whether their calls are being redirected over the internet because they'll experience no delays or disruption.


Hosted VoIP is More than Calling

Leading-edge capabilities and features that come with a hosted VoIP were previously unattainable and unthinkable with the traditional phone system. Cloud technologies go further by integrating collaborative tools into the VoIP. These tools include:

  • Video and web conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  •  Voice mails
  • Voice-to-text and text-to-voice technology and so on


What are the Benefits of Cloud-based VoIP?


The capabilities previously enjoyed by only large companies are now affordable, and more small businesses are switching to hosted VoIP, particularly because the upfront cost is meager.

What makes hosted telephony even more economical is that users can choose the plans or solutions they only need. This means you pay the monthly fees only for what you use. The cost of ownership is also low since less equipment, staff, and space is needed for the system.


Portability is the real shot here. Traditionally, you would need to change phone numbers if you relocate to another location or having different numbers for all your branches. With hosted VoIP solutions, communications can be carried from anywhere. And having one number is beneficial to customers and employees.

Application Partnership

The power to interface useful third-party applications in the business in one place is astounding. For instance, email services, social networks, and instant messaging services can be unified in the hosted VoIP, offering tremendous flexibility.

Easy Maintenance, Expanding, and Upgrading

It is the individual responsibility of the provider to maintain the system and make sure it works effectively. Expanding also becomes easier since you can change plans and solutions according to the changing business needs.

Another thing is that technology is always on exponential growth. New features such as security or performance upgrades are taken care of by the hosted VoIP provider.

Are You Switching to Hosted VoIP?

We know and comprehend how stressful migrating can be. Network Connections is here to help make the experience smooth and streamlined.

Our experienced team will guide you and help you find the best-hosted VoIP solution specific to your business. Contact us today to learn more about our IT-related services.

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