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What is a Remote Monitoring Software: 4 Reasons You Can Benefit

remote monitoring software

Businesses are increasingly delegating parts of their responsibilities to third parties in a bid to cut costs and improve service delivery. These are popularly referred to as managed services.

In the IT world as well, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are handling portions or all of IT operations for different businesses. Usually, the terms of engagement are outlined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA), and the client procures the necessary IT infrastructure. 

Among services provided by MSPs is Remote Monitoring and Management. Basically, this is the process of overseeing and controlling IT operations and systems (like servers, mobile devices, desktops, network devices) through the installation of local agents, usually software. Remote Monitoring and Management allows businesses to automate and streamline their work.


What Does Remote Monitoring Software do?

Remote monitoring software monitors your IT equipment by using tech tools to track and collect information. It sends activity reports gathered to the MSP for action and response to any arising issues. 

Some problems with your IT equipment can be fixed remotely as well.


Why Is a Remote Monitoring Software Important For Your Business?


Here are a few reasons why you should consider a Remote Monitoring Software:


1. System Security

The increasing cyber activity has seen organizations (small, midsize, and large) become targets of cybercriminals, and a good number have been caught unawares. According to the CNBC, small businesses lose about $200,000 on average due to cyberattacks.

A remote monitoring software enhances your security measures and monitors their operations as well. In the event of an attack, it allows you to detect early, thus limited damage and easy restoration of affected systems.


2. Automated Maintenance

Manual routine maintenance is daunting and tends to strain valuable resources, but thanks to AI for remote monitoring software. Routine scripts, bulk changes, software updates, and installs can be automated, thus saving you critical time to do more for your customers.

Remote Monitoring software runs 24/7, and a tech hitch does not have to wait until morning. Equally, its proactive architecture allows you to detect and fix possible problems beforehand. This guarantees you a smooth business continuity.


3. Backups and Disaster Recovery

With remote monitoring software, loss or changes to data can be traced at the block level, which allows for fast backups and recovery. It is possible to backup your data, whether it is individual files or entire servers.

This protects you from crippling data loss and saves you the financial and operational loss that would have otherwise been incurred.


4. The Health of your IT System is Tracked

Over time, remote monitoring collects and compiles info about your IT infrastructure. When this data is reviewed periodically, e.g., weekly or monthly, long-term trends can be highlighted and sorted out before triggering an alert.

In all, Remote Monitoring Software allows you to fix IT issues fast and with minimum effort without inconveniencing end-users or affecting your business operations.


Remote Monitoring Software Tools in One Dashboard

All security issues for your IT system can be managed conveniently using a single dashboard console. Better still, with an internet access, monitoring and management tasks can be done remotely from any geographic location.

You can deliver top-notch security services to your clients using the tools bundled in a Remote Monitoring Software.


Some of the functions included are:

  • Provides web security and protection – This gives you the benefit of denying access to inappropriate websites, thus protecting your data from unauthorized persons. 
  • Perform deep analytics – The deep analytics help you spot threat trends, identify data breaches, and patch vulnerabilities proactively.


RMS tools enable you to develop a proactive, detective, and reactive security, including data-driven insights required to complete business casing for IT security. Comprehensive (RMS) Solutions from Network Solutions

A Remote Monitoring Software from Network Connection's is the option that allows you to stand out in the industry. Our all in one dashboard allows you remote access to manage backup, and disaster recovery, antivirus, patches, web protection helps you prevent, diagnose, and resolve data threats.

For more information about our remote monitoring software, feel free to talk to us, and we will be more than willing to assist. 

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