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What is MDM (Mobile Device Management)?

2020 has brought about a dramatic shift in the geographical location of today's workforce, with countless organizations now allowing significant portions of their workforce to either work on-the-go or remotely. 

Thanks to these newer work options, many companies have been able to remain profitable in a very challenging environment.

As more and more companies rely on the flexibility these options provide, it's important to ensure they are properly managed in order to maintain the high levels of security, productivity, and continuity required for successful business operation.


Mobile Device Management Defined

Mobile device management encompasses a range of services and products that allow companies to deploy and support their applications across a broad spectrum of devices. The mobile devices generally include smartphones and tablets, and in some cases portable IoT devices.

Managing all these devices includes maintaining IT control and enforcing corporate policies for all company-related applications and their use. Managing these devices may go beyond corporate-owned equipment as some devices may fall under a blend of both corporate and personal use.

There may also be multiple mobile service providers involved and multiple operating systems as well. 


Why Manage Mobile Devices? 

Security — Allowing employees to use mobile devices for corporate use means they will have access to corporate-owned data and applications. It's important to keep track of all physical devices and access points that can connect to a corporate network, not just because of the monetary replacement cost if a device is lost or stolen, but even more importantly, to track and limit access to corporate software and data. 

Continuity — In order for employees to have consistent and reliable access to corporate data and applications, IT personnel must manage mobile devices in such a way as to ensure each device is regularly updated with the necessary operating system upgrades, patches, and security updates. 

Productivity — Properly managing mobile devices means employees can maintain high levels of productivity as the management of their devices and the applications they access is handled by a centralized IT group, rather than relying upon each individual to support and maintain their own device.



The goals of mobile device management are fulfilled by two main functions. The first is to ensure all interested parties including employees, business partners, and contractors have secure and updated access to corporate applications, data, and desktops, at any time and from any location.

The second function in mobile device management is to select the right software solution that will allow companies and the IT staff managing the solution, to effectively control, secure, and enforce corporate policies as they relate to remote access of corporate systems.


How To Properly Manage Devices

In general, the right mobile management solution will provide organizations with end-to-end security, encompassing not only all the physical devices used for company purposes but also any corporate-owned mobile apps, as well as company data and applications, and the networks upon which they reside. 

A solid mobile device management system will fulfill the needs for security, continuity, and productivity through a variety of tools. Some of these tools may include a VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), where employee desktops are virtualized and stored in a centralized location for easy access.

Another part of a managed device system may include a remote access server (RAS) that hosts the virtual desktops. By designating a specific server for this function, it allows companies to better manage the environment that mobile devices need access to.   

Lastly, using these types of device management strategies can help companies simplify and ease the migration from older to newer operating systems, when it becomes necessary to do so.



If you are a small to medium-sized business and need an effective solution to manage the mobile software access of your remote workforce, we can help.

As your technology partner, our staff can offer the professional analysis and expertise your company needs in order to take full advantage of today's technology tools. Contact us today for a personal consultation with one of our tech experts. 

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