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Managed Services (MSP)

What Is the Primary Function of Managed Security Services?

Managed Security Services

A recent survey revealed ransomware attacks worldwide rose by 350% in 2018. The attacks are estimated to cost $6 trillion annually by 2021. Consequently, companies need to think out of the box when looking for ideal cybersecurity solutions.

Businesses looking to cope with the growing security threats are turning to managed security service providers (MSSP) for help.

Partnering with MSSP is now considered the best practice for companies that need defense from the ever-evolving cyber threats. MSSPs provide round the clock motoring, reporting, and issue resolution.

What Is A Managed Security Service Provider?

A managed security service provider provides ideal security systems and tools to counter cyber-attacks. They also manage and monitor the performance of the company IT systems on your behalf so that you concentrate on the core objectives of your company. The MSSP provides a 24 hour round the clock security protection from security operation centers. Typical services you receive from MSSP include: 

  • Intrusion detection
  • Managed firewall
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Virtual private networks
  • Antiviral services


Functions of MSSPs

The reasons why companies contract MSSPs for their security includes:

  • Extension of security coverage against complex forms of threats
  • Some companies partner with ideal MSSP to benefit from skill transfer and compensate for skills shortages
  • Backup and recovery services. All data stored in your infrastructure are duplicated and stored in offsite servers
  • Monitor, capture and analyze network data to help you effectively implement business solutions
  • Managed communication by combining email, chat, video, and voice into one service
  • Networking and infrastructure. MSSPs will maintain servers virtually, by conducting maintenance and backups off-site
  • Cloud based support services that cover helpdesk and troubleshooting needs


The Benefits of MSSP

MSSP offers a lot of benefits, especially for companies dealing with skill shortages and budgetary constraints. When you have MSSSP, you can rest assured your assets are adequately protected around the clock. 


The following are some of the benefits of MSSP:

Access to security experts and cutting edge tech

MSSPs provide companies with an opportunity to access the latest tech and services from highly experienced security experts.

MSSPs respond in real-time using the latest technology to protect your valuable data and property. They deploy an Agent program to remotely gather information about the status of your machines and devices at work.

Once installed, the program allows the providers to manage systems, update programs, and resolve any arising issues. They also provide remote threat detection, incident response, security device management, and threat intelligence, among many other premium services.

They also send you threat alerts and advice you on how best to react whenever a threat is detected. These alerts place you in a better position to take the necessary actions to mitigate the threat.


Premium services at lower costs

MSSP provides top-notch IT services at reduced costs. The providers utilize shared infrastructure to reduce cost and offer more services that will significantly benefit your company. 

They also charge a flat fee over a set period while providing the services agreed upon when the contract was signed.

The resources you could spend on the IT department, including payment of salaries, purchase of equipment and other associated overhead costs, can be best channeled to other company needs.


Improved business reputation, confidentiality, and compliance

When you partner with MSSP, you reduce your exposure to threats and incidents. It also helps you to establish a solid reputation that wins customer loyalty. When a client knows their sensitive data is safe with you, they will be willing to engage further. 

Partnering with MSSP also helps you to meet the industry compliance requirements as stipulated by industry regulators. With the increasing levels of cyber threats, companies can no longer sit pretty and rely only on their internal IT guys to provide all-round security. The internal resource shortages, complex technology, and the continued use of mobile devices to transact businesses make MSSP partnership an ideal option for better security solutions.

You don't have to do security alone.  We are leading MSS provider, and the right partner for all your security and other IT needs. We will extend your team, protect your company, and help you optimize your security resources.

Our highly experienced team of experts uses top-notch technological tools to help you stay a step ahead of security threats. Contact us today for more information about our intuitive business security solutions. 

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