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Why are Insurance Companies Choosing Hosted VoIP?

 Hosted VoIPs

Most insurance companies are choosing hosted VoIP as a solution to efficient communication. Insurance companies rely heavily on excellent communication and hosted VoIP offers the flexibility needed to communicate with customers anytime anywhere in a cost-effective way. 

Hosted VoIP will save you a lot of money and offer you reliability in your business. Here are some of the benefits of choosing hosted VoIP:

  • Mobility

Hosted VoIP allows customers to get quick services and help increase customer satisfaction. The Mobility feature can direct phone calls to available phones or agents and the customer will be served much faster. When the waiting time is reduced, and the customer is served quickly it helps to build the reputation of your business and can easily lead to more referrals.

  • Auto-Attendant Feature

The auto-attendant feature can guide a client to get help from the right department and the right person. This feature allows clients to get the information they are looking for much faster. Unlike the traditional calls where a customer is directed to different departments before finally getting to the right person, VoIP helps to eliminate this frustration. It saves the client's time as well as the agent's time by routing the call to the right person.

  • Better Collaboration

Insurance companies with multiple offices in different locations can easily and efficiently collaborate. The employees can chat, or even hold a meeting on one platform. Insurance agents can keep up with communication and get important updates even when they are doing fieldwork out of the office. The agents can also get in touch with the virtual contact center in case of an emergency. Hosted VoIP offers one extension that connects all the insurance branches for even easier communication.

  • Time-of-Day Routing

You can program this feature according to the time of day. Hosted VoIP allows you to direct calls to particular phones during certain hours like working hours. After working hours you can redirect the calls to different phones or agents or even to voicemail. During holidays you can also program the feature to greet customers and direct them to the appropriate place or person.

  • Voicemail-to-Email

This feature allows voicemail to be sent to email. When an agent is not available to immediately attend to a client, the voice mail is sent to the agent's email and as soon as the agent is available he or she can attend to the email. Employees or insurance agents may be engaged in other important tasks or argent duties and they may not be able to answer calls immediately. This feature becomes very useful at this point.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

Hosted VoIP uses cloud infrastructure which is reliable. Insurance agents can communicate with clients in any place and anywhere. In case there is a disaster like floods or poor weather conditions, clients can reach their agents and work can continue. Claim forms can be filled and processed and services offered with the cloud infrastructure in place.

  • Reliability

Hosted VoIP is reliable and easy to use. All it requires is internet connectivity and you can easily connect and use your phones without an IT expert around. The agents can also call clients using their phones but the caller ID that appears on the client's phone is for the office number. This establishes greater trust and reliability between the agent and the client.

  • Cost Saving

Hosted VoIP is widely in business used and you save money yearly. The license is affordable and you can easily scale up or down with less effort and no maintenance cost.



Insurance companies are looking for effective communication to enhance their customer service. Hosted VoIP offers flexibility, reliability, and cost-saving solution. With over 25 years of IT consulting we manage IT services including Hosted VoIP solutions and cloud integration services. Contact us.

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